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The African Quarterly Social Science Review (AQSSR) is a distinguished peer-reviewed journal published by AJER Publishing Inc. that bridges intellectual exploration with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Serving as a beacon for scholars, students, and educators, AQSSR is dedicated to providing a vibrant space for peer-reviewed research articles and empirically driven works.

Established in East Africa and headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, the journal thrives in a vast and wealthy ecosystem of reviewers, editors, and participants drawn from faculty, prestigious universities, seasoned researchers, and respected research institutions within the academic and research communities of various African countries.

Our mission is to cultivate a dynamic environment that not only provides access to the latest literature and innovations in the social sciences but also fosters the exchange of ideas and expertise in Africa and beyond. Emphasizing empirical research, meta-analysis, and systematic reviews, AQSSR upholds rigorous standards through a meticulous peer-review process, ensuring that only the highest-quality research contributes to our publications.

Deeply rooted in a rich ecosystem of reviewers, editors, and contributors from esteemed universities and respected research institutions worldwide, our journal boasts a global reach extending to thousands of libraries. We firmly believe in open access to knowledge, allowing unrestricted access, distribution, and reproduction of published works.

Authors are the lifeblood of AQSSR, and we offer comprehensive support throughout the publishing journey. Whether guiding initial submissions or providing assistance with revisions, we invite you to embark on your academic journey with us, contributing to the advancement of empirical research and the exchange of multidisciplinary knowledge. AQSSR welcomes you to share your insights with the world, shaping the future of scholarly endeavors.

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Vol. 1 No. 2 (2024): Apr-Jun 2024
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